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Management Consulting Services for Your Organization

Whether your business needs are related to finance, marketing, sales, or talent, AJS Consulting Company LLC is proud to offer management consulting that makes a difference. We focus on implementation and teaching by providing consultants who bring extensive academic backgrounds and deep professional expertise. They communicate in written and oral documents that support your goals. Together, we strive to achieve excellence in every management function. The most rewarding part of what we do is working with clients and nonprofit services like yours to advance your objectives.

AJS Consulting Company LLC is a high-end revenue-sharing company with no employees. We believe the best use of our resources is accomplished by sharing our revenue with a specific set of business professionals. Ergo, there are 20 people associated, and they all get a percentage of the revenue. While we have executive management consulting advisors and consultants with undergraduate and Masters-level credentials, we specialize in offering consultants with doctorate degrees. We also hire high school interns annually to help train the next generation of experts.

A Group of Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does AJS Consulting Company LLC do?

We use Managerial Tools and Management Information Systems (MIS) to assist precision organizations in developing Overlay Strategies to create new operations, technologies, and processes.

What do you believe your biggest strengths are?

We are firm in identifying complex strategic problems and utilizing research, due diligence, and creativity to develop solutions that align with the company’s financial hurdle rates, organizational culture, and customer focus.

What makes you best at what you do?

Our research and due diligence process are world-class. Additionally, we can use our ideation process to assist clients in developing forward-looking solutions to traditional strategic business problems.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to be the premier Problem Solution firm in the New England area. We see ourselves identifying the correct problem quickly and using our research abilities to understand the problem thoroughly. Developing an Ideation process to generate feasible options and choosing one of the options that best align with our client’s strategy, Culture, Consumers, Stakeholders, and financial ability to implement the solutions developed jointly with them.

What are your values?

We consider ourselves to be an “Honest Broker.” We provide references from former clients and executives who have deep insight into who we are as a company and business professionals. We want to “Do well by Doing Good!”. Our orientation is to assist our clients in developing a significant financial return to shareholders. We will build client strategies that align with the company’s culture, stakeholders, and sustainability goals.

How does your personality tie in with what you do for work?

We are a relationship-based company. Our founder has 45 years of experience developing winning business strategies for clients by emphasizing relationships rather than transactions.

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